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The Ultimate Joint Repair Platinum is the most complete and proven joint repair

formula on the market available TODAY.


Retail: $35.00 Sale Price: $26.25 

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Dr. Guberman has seen many products come and go over the span of his 33 years practicing alternative medicine, herbology and homeopathy that laid claims to being able to stop the pains of arthritis. I have tried them all but to no avail. You see, most if not all products on the market today are not complete with all the required nutritional materials necessary to re-nutritionalize your joints. Why? The big vitamin houses need to have huge profit margins in order to stay in business. Well, that explanation never worked for me. When it comes to my patients only the best will do. Only the most comprehensive formula will do. 

He has developed the most comprehensive combination of joint reparative materials ever assembled into one product that amazing results have and are being seen from people with:

  • osteoarthritis 
  • sports injuries 
  • general arthritis 
  • back and neck pains 
  • knee pains 
  • shoulder, arm and hand pains etc.

As you will shortly see this formula called: ULTIMATE JOINT REPAIR PLATINUM is second to none when it comes to the precise combination of nutritional materials. Look for yourself.

If you would go to the store and buy all the materials within ULTIMATE JOINT REPAIR PLATINUM you would pay well over $100.00 per bottle. 

If you or anyone you know is suffering with arthritis, shoulder, arm and hand pains, knee pains, back pains then they must be on


This is truly a one of a kind formula.